Peaceful Oak/ The Meaning of My Grandson’s Name

a oakMy daughter is 35 weeks pregnant. It is a boy. He weighs in at over 6 pounds. He is strong and healthy. His name is Shiloh Alon. Shiloh is Hebrew for peaceful and Alon is Gaelic for solid oak. My daughter’s hope and that of her husband is that this boy will grow into a peaceful spirit with a backbone as solid as an oak tree, never bending or swaying but standing straight and holding his own.

His brother is 16. He is over 6 foot tall and strong as a full-grown man. He is a peaceful spirit and firmly planted. He has taken art classes and can draw straight lines free hand that cause folks to pause and watch with unbelief. He has kept a spare parts box since he was 3 or 4 and can fix anything electrical or mechanical. He can plumb, wire and build a computer from spare parts.

His sister is 13 and beautiful. She turns heads wherever we go. She has a wardrobe like the presidents daughter and it cost pennies. It is gifts and bargain sales, but it is all name brand and she looks like a million dollars always. He hair is long and curly and jet black. She has also had art classes and can draw eyes that speak to the soul. She drew cat eyes on a poster board with no face and everyone who looked knew it was a cat.

My daughter is very ill. She has PCOS and was barren for all these years. She is working very hard to keep Shiloh healthy and is doing a remarkable job. PCOS is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and it is ugly. It brings about excessive weight gain not caused by overeating. Females with this disorder have high testosterone levels. She has migraines, insulin resistance, stress that is off the charts, excessive fluid retention, fatigue and the list goes on.

Several years ago she started putting on weight at the rate of 50 pounds per year. She was finally properly diagnosed about 3 years ago and about 2 years ago her doctor got her medicines right and the weight started falling off and her health returned. Medicines are not diet pills they are components that her body needs but does not produce. With the return of her health came this baby boy.

She can’t take her medicine while she is pregnant as one of them reduces and hinders the production of testosterone and we can’t do that to Shiloh. She has done really well until this last week and now she is struggling. She can hardly walk. She is in constant pain, but the joy and excitement of this precious new life keeps her.

Dateline July 2020: Shiloh is soon to be 9 and sharp as a tack and Handsome?  Whoa! Steph is still in the holds of this disease and it’s complications.



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