A Mind Amidst A Mist/ A Rhyme

tree bloom

A mind amidst a mist in spring,

Awakens an intriguing thing.

Creativity is born.

A mind amidst a summer mist

Represents a dampened wrist.

Inspiration torn,

Dissuaded by perspiration beads.

Amidst a mist an autumn mind,

Mild, beguiled, color blind,

So intrigued by candy corn,

Flounders amid dropping seeds,

Plays hide and seek in piles of leaves.

A mind amidst a wintry mist,

Encounters sleet. Wishing sun kissed,

Skies would reappear. Forlorn,

Desirous of  spring mist indeed.

Yet nature minded will still believe,

In autumn, winter, summer, SPRING!





An Earthly Promise/ A Rhyme

It’s fall so kiss the green goodbye.

The pumpkins are a telling signa pumpkinn.

The leaves turn yellow, orange, red.

Hear the ducks pass overhead.

Thank goodness for the pine.

It will not wither, will not die.

But stand through autumn, winter well.

A promise of a spring to come,

When everything returns to green.

A rhythm that is felt and seen.

With ear to earth the echo rings,

Of seasons past and yet to be.