A Mind Amidst A Mist/ A Rhyme

tree bloom

A mind amidst a mist in spring,

Awakens an intriguing thing.

Creativity is born.

A mind amidst a summer mist

Represents a dampened wrist.

Inspiration torn,

Dissuaded by perspiration beads.

Amidst a mist an autumn mind,

Mild, beguiled, color blind,

So intrigued by candy corn,

Flounders amid dropping seeds,

Plays hide and seek in piles of leaves.

A mind amidst a wintry mist,

Encounters sleet. Wishing sun kissed,

Skies would reappear. Forlorn,

Desirous of  spring mist indeed.

Yet nature minded will still believe,

In autumn, winter, summer, SPRING!





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