Faith/A Miraculous Rhyme



Some challenges require faith. The feeling deep within that says, although something is utterly impossible and against all odds, it is still going to happen. The hummingbird suspended by furiously fluttering wings, is that realistically possible? If that glorious little creature understood the rules of gravity would it begin to doubt its own ability and fall? Then being earthbound walk around the flower garden on tiny feet bending flowers over to enjoy their fabulous nectar while wishing it could fly again. Thankfully it doesn’t speak our language. No one can say to it impossible.

As a child my daughter talked to rabbits, walking up to them and bending down to caress their soft fur. She whistled and cheeped at birds sitting on the fence and they let her approach  and smooth their feathers until someone she adored told her it was impossible. She thought “they must be right you know, they are older and more experienced.”  It caused her heart to doubt her own ability and no matter how hard she tried from then on…….. never again. Her daughter when 4 or 5 saved wasps entrapped in water dishes and was never stung. Once dry she trained them to cling to her finger as she held them close so they could get a drink. Every spring through fall this happened repeatedly until she was 14 or 15  and a loving relative thinking she would eventually get stung went on a rampage spraying poison ruining their faith relationship forever. Although she did not lose her faith, those little friends were forever frightened of all humans even her.

If only all the peoples of the world never lost their inborn faith to believe in one another and all that God created not recognizing fear where fear was not in need. There was no fear in a child petting wild country rabbits and beautifully feathered birds, nor in another developing a rapport with wasps. Instinctively in our spirits dwells the knowledge that deadly poisonous creatures were made that way for a reason and reasonably then should be avoided, but for one human to instill fear and doubt into the heart and mind of a child or a child’s little buzzing friend is an error against nature. Blessed indeed is the hummingbird as it does not now nor never will face the fear of failure.