Friends/ A Rhyme

a friendTrue friends go with you to a party and because you are allergic to blue & red food coloring, scrape the icing off their cake and drink water with you!

True friends invite you to the State Fair, but when you wake up with a fever, they stay home and help your mom tend to you and end up sick in bed too!

True friends share their last stick of gum, help you bathe the dog, clean out the garage and wash the outside windows without taking your father’s money!

Grandpa says True Friends are a rare and unique commodity, but REALLY you don’t look all that different to me.

Acknowledging Love/ A Rhyme

a forehead kiss 2a forehead kissAt one time or another every word in the universe has been strung together attempting to express love. Yet this morning when I woke up all disheveled and feeling grumpy and went into the kitchen to make coffee, wearing that old pink chenille house robe that used to be my moms… with my hair rumpled and tumbled and my face unwashed and you walked up behind me, turned me around and kissed me on the forehead I knew love without a single sound.

Recognizing Love/ A Lovely Rhyme

a swanToday was just an ordinary day.

Yet as usual much of what happened in it,

Created a yearning in me for your nearness.

How fortunate I am,

To walk through life holding your hand.

You are my sanity, my stability,

The heart and core of my happiness.

You enter the room,

And my face breaks into a smile.

You wiggle or make a funny face,

And all is well with my soul.