Sky Blue-Pink/A Rhyme

a blueI see your face. I wish I could recall your name. We were traveling across Wyoming you and I.  You had read my poems and asked for an original to hide in a secret place. You were sure my name would become world renowned and those words on paper  would become your  rare jewel your personal crown.  You’d present it as original to the world and say, “I knew her when she was just a girl.” As we gazed out the window “Sky Blue-Pink” is what you said your husband called that hue.  The year was 1967 and to me that term was new. I tried to smile but my face was full askew. How absurd I thought but did not say?  What a weird play on words and now in the 2000’s it’s all the rage.

Over the last 40 years I’ve seen that color in many states mostly Oklahoma and it has come to me of late that sky blue pink was the perfect phrase. Nothing could describe it better. All one has to do is gaze. I never knew the man who gave it voice, what a shame. I’ve embraced a stranger’s private space and never knew his name. If somehow you read this and you remember me please tell him he was clever quite indeed. Sky Blue-Pink would not have come to me.