Autumn Fall-In/ A Rhyme


Fall is a time of great display as flaming colors abound.

Nature in her full array as orange and red surround,

With pumpkin harvests and gardens end, canning fruit and baling hay.

Summer has gone around the bend. It’s a busy autumn day.

Picking pecans and stacking firewood, getting out the winter wear,

Unpacking boots and coats with hoods, planning entries for the fair.

Better prepare Thanksgiving’s menu. Maybe something new this time.

Could make chicken Alfredo or grilled salmon steaks with lime.

We could claim “fall frenzy mayhem” made us choose a different meal.

We’d be going way out on a limb. Not sure how folks would feel.

Guess we’ll stick with ham and turkey. Play it safe again this year.

Let’s rake leaves I’m feeling frisky with autumn breezes drawing near.

I’ll jump in first as I’m the brave one. Come quickly if you dare.

Such laughter, this is great fun. There’s a fresh leaf pile over there.

Acorns, walnuts seasons changing, you can feel it  everywhere.

Summer’s over, nights feel chilly. In a moment winter’s here.

Horses coats are getting thicker. Football fever, stadiums full.

Marshmallows toast as bonfires flicker. Everyone is back in school.

Autumn is a welcome season, bringing relief from scorching heat,

And it gives the heart good reason to go out and line the street.

Watching for this year’s home-coming with floats and bands a grand parade.

And of course there’s elections running as fall colors start to fade.

Cherish every amber hour, breath it in and hold it dear.

Time will soon transfer its power as winter comes again this year.