Sky Scraper/ A Rhyme

a skyscraper 2

Sheer dark emerald green shooting up into the sky,

I can see my reflection in your face as I walk by.

Depending on where the sun is your shade may turn to gray.

I have an urge to enter, but no desire to stay.

Solid glass from head to toe you offer no escape.

You are so imposing and I fear in an earthquake,

You would shatter sending glass shards everywhere,

Showering your occupants & those below you on the square.

I’m longing for the thrill of looking down from your tip top.

Today I’ve got to do it though my brain tells me to stop.

The doorman who protects you lets me in and up we go.

I step out at your apex. Where’s my stomach? I don’t know!

I’m up above the trees and way above the crowds,

Who appear as ants beneath me from up here in the clouds.

I can see the river clearly though it’s miles and miles away.

Now that I’ve braved the distance I think I’m here to stay.

It’s a job that needs my knowledge. I could do this if I would.

If I can overcome this fear the perks & pay are good.

I’ve been asked to take the desk over in that corner spot.

The view is breathtaking as I’m signing on the dot.

How frightening and insecure it is from way up here.

Your aura and your splendor overpower all my fear.

I accept the challenge and begin to settle in.

The clouds begin to darken. The lightning strikes and then,

I ask if we should go down and get safely away.

There’s laughter as the boss explains that this is my 1st day.

I stood mesmerized, frozen as things started to transform,

From where I was positioned up within the storm.

Fifteen years I’ve worked here now and wouldn’t change a thing.

I smile at 1st time clients and the breathlessness they bring.

I listen to the sounds they make looking to the ground below.

They always ask me if I’m frightened. I answer, “Mostly no.”

She’s built like a fortress. I’ve felt her shift and shake.

I’ve come to trust her structure, but make no mistake.

My brain still sometimes asks me, “What are we doing? Should we go?”

I  look out from where you’re standing and answer, “Goodness no.”

She’s the talk of the city. She’s the highest point in town.

She always gives you back your stomach on your trip ’bout half-way down.

She’s the envy of other architects, a construction masterpiece.

She’s on the front page of the journals proving wonders never cease.

I admired her from a distance, Yes, she used to frighten me,

“Til I found the grit to enter. Now I fit in perfectly.