Haiku Collection/A Rhyme

a cakeHaiku pronounced (Hi-coo) of Japanese origin is a 3 line non-rhyming poem.The 1st & 3rd lines have 5 words and the middle line has 7. The words must paint a picture or stir an emotion. Here is my baker’s dozen.


A doe having twin fawns,

Senses danger. She signals with a whistle.

Fawns respond by hiding themselves.


Many pretty little blossoms bloom.

Turning into juicy, beautiful, sweet red strawberries,

Add cake and cream. Wow!


Lightning and thunder filled skies,

Sheets of rain completely hiding the sun,

Look! Here comes the rainbow.


It is cold this morning.

I hesitate to leave my warm surroundings.

Only temptation, a frosted wonderland.


Hummingbirds hover in my garden,

Hanging, suspended only by furiously fluttering wings.

Origin? Hand crafted by God!


August drought brings brown grass,

And dirt so dry it’s cracking open,

As starlings cry for water.

Hopelessly Romantic

Old man sees his wife,

As she was when she was young,

Twinkling eyes tell his story!

Reality Check

Old woman staring into space,

All telling wrinkled worn skin consuming her

Reminiscing on a disappearing life.

The Crowd

In the mall such commotion.

So many people, each a different story,

Blend or watch in awe?


Hear the baby’s precious laughter?

Stretching, reaching for things others cannot see.

Playing with angels, I believe!

Best Friend

Sleepy eyes and unbrushed teeth,

Messy hair, worn out robe. No matter!

My doggie wags his love.


Asked to testify, she stands,

Giving thanks for a strong sound mind.

Simply gratefully acknowledging her sanity.

The Promise

Train up the children now,

In the way they should go and,

They’ll never lose their way.