Sestina Enchantment/ A Special Rhyme

an orchid 2What is a sestina? A type of poetry containing 39 verses in 7 stanzas. The 1st 6  stanzas each contain 6 verses. The final stanza contains 3 verses, The trick is the last word of the 1st 6 verses in the 1st stanza must be repeated  as the last words in each of the next  5  stanzas in a certain order and all 6 last words must be included in the final 3 verse stanza. Not exactly easy. Here is my attempt. All poets must try one on for sighs.

I closed my eyes and felt the stamen of an orchid.

But when I closed my ears, I lost the beauty of the music.

I closed my mouth and realized that was when I truly heard.

Yet without smell would an orange still taste good?

Without hands would sand castles hold enchantment?

I have eyes, and ears, and tongue, and all my senses, but do I truly feel?


Would someone with a loving heart please teach me how to feel?

Should we start with the softness of an orchid,

To train my soul to seek knowledge and enchantment?

Will I learn to dance to perfection where there is no music?

I want to experience all that is good.

Hello! Will someone answer and let me know that they’ve heard?


It is just like the world to be to busy to have heard.

Perhaps if I poke hard enough  someone will feel.

I know that somewhere out there lies the origin of all things good.

For I have experienced the sensuousness of an orchid,

And I have sat in the presence of orchestrated music,

And I believe in magical enchantment.


I will not give up my quest for enchantment,

For in my dreams I know I have heard,

Notes, and tones and rhythms of mystical music,

That lifted me beyond what life can feel.

So I will take the fragrance of an orchid,

And turn it into sweet fulfilling good.


I’ll not get caught in everyday temptations that restrain the good.

I will chase after true love and enchantment.

I will take sweet notes from the orchid,

And play them loud til all that live have heard.

I will poke and prod and make the whole world feel,

Until they dance delightfully to silent music.


For what is life where there is no music?

And isn’t bad the opposite of good?

Being particular about the way I feel,

I choose to be enticed by pure enchantment,

And recall only the tender words I’ve heard.

I will willingly become the fragile orchid.


Let me be saturated in the music that  sprinkles sweet enchantment.

Let me record all the good that is heard.

For I feel the true essence of the orchid.