Oklahoma Tritina a Difficult Rhyme

In a Tritina: The lines are grouped into three tercets a set or group of three lines of verse rhyming together or connected by rhyme with an adjacent tercet and a concluding line. Thus a Tritina has 10 lines. Lines may be of any length. Their length is usually consistent in a single poem.

a cowThe Oklahoma countryside reflects soft green rolling hills dotted with fat red cattle grazing.


a cloudThe sky offers tie dyed blue hues scattered with marshmallow clouds and the sun is shining.



a flowerLemon tinted wildflowers decorate the pastures drawing butterflies with shimmering wings.



a birdThe pond is rippled by a gentle breeze and the scissortails sail balancing on outstretched wings.



a bassThe black bass propels herself into the sky to catch a dragonfly and the cattle just keep  grazing.

She is so graceful as her tail twists around and her gills open wide with her dark eyes shining.



a turtleThe turtles hang round harvesting blackberries  so deep purple they look black and shining.



a gooseThe farmer’s geese waddle to the pond splashing water skyward, flapping snow white wings.

Life stirs and moves, the clouds roll changing shapes, still the cattle unaware keep on grazing.



a butterflyIt’s amazing, cattle grazing unaffected by Oklahoma’s butterflied, scissor tailed, goslin wings.


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