Grilled Cheese With a Flair 2020 Covid Homebound Idea

a cheese 3

Choose your bread from sour dough to light rye.

a bread

Butter the bread on the outside only & add buttered side down in medium skillet

a cheese

Choose your cheese from white American to pepper jack & add

Then start adding any or all of your favorites:

a bacon

Crisp cooked bacon strips or pieces, ham,  avocado slices, tomato slices,scrambled egg,

a ava                  a egg


grilled or raw onion, your choice of pepper from sweet to hot and raw to grilled,

a grill        a hot

asparagus fried or grilled, mushrooms grilled or sauteed, black beans & sliced black

a asp          a gm


olives. Let your imagination flow.


My personal favorite: grill halved red peppers, place the pepper on light rye bread in the heated skillet, immediately add white American cheese and snipped raw green onion, then bacon slices Top with bread and grill. Scrambled egg is a yummy addition to this one.

A buster or You can’t go wrong.

Well it could be possible for instance I wouldn’t like caviar but others might. ENJOY!!!

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