New Technology/ A Rhyme

a discovry

Ecclesiastes 1:9 KJV –
The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

There’s nothing new under the sun.
That’s what the bible says.
That means it has been done,
Somewhere sometime in the past.
We all wish we could be unique,
The only one who ever;
But first we have to find the thing,
That’s happened nowhere never.
If you find it let me know,
We’ll question round and see,
That the only ones its new to,
Is simply you and me

Struggles/ A Rhyme


Challenges are often like lightning

filled skies,  a light

With sheets of rain hiding the sun,

Presenting intimidating thunder,

And rivers rising high above their boundaries.

a flood

It’s always up to us to choose our destination.

With sagging head give up, lie down and drown,

Or get up, determined to overcome and build and ark.


Oklahoma Tritina a Difficult Rhyme

In a Tritina: The lines are grouped into three tercets a set or group of three lines of verse rhyming together or connected by rhyme with an adjacent tercet and a concluding line. Thus a Tritina has 10 lines. Lines may be of any length. Their length is usually consistent in a single poem.

a cowThe Oklahoma countryside reflects soft green rolling hills dotted with fat red cattle grazing.


a cloudThe sky offers tie dyed blue hues scattered with marshmallow clouds and the sun is shining.



a flowerLemon tinted wildflowers decorate the pastures drawing butterflies with shimmering wings.



a birdThe pond is rippled by a gentle breeze and the scissortails sail balancing on outstretched wings.



a bassThe black bass propels herself into the sky to catch a dragonfly and the cattle just keep  grazing.

She is so graceful as her tail twists around and her gills open wide with her dark eyes shining.



a turtleThe turtles hang round harvesting blackberries  so deep purple they look black and shining.



a gooseThe farmer’s geese waddle to the pond splashing water skyward, flapping snow white wings.

Life stirs and moves, the clouds roll changing shapes, still the cattle unaware keep on grazing.



a butterflyIt’s amazing, cattle grazing unaffected by Oklahoma’s butterflied, scissor tailed, goslin wings.


Running Into An Old Friend/ A Rhyme



a friend 2a friend 4

It had been too long since last we’d seen each other.

Seems like we are controlled by time,

Instead of taking hold of it.

Seconds tick away and years flash passed.

Then life events pull us together one more time,

And we embrace with hearts and heads filled with wonder.

Questioning how we so easily let time escape us,

In moments we are bringing each other up to date,

As our hearts began to warm again  toward one another,

And our internal clocks connect themselves synchronizing,

Correcting and resetting as if we saw each other yesterday.

How Did We Get Here?/ A Rhyme



a caterpillar

When I was young my biggest query was where did I come from? It left me leery!

Who made the earth? Who hung the moon? I never bought “Big Bang Kaboom!”

From a slimy amoeba, a hairy ape? These theories offered slight escape!

Thinking of a dragonfly or waterfall, it seemed that back behind it all,

I’d find artistic mastery of majestic capacity!

Watching a great green caterpillar crawl I glimpsed the mystery of it all.

There was a source for rustling leaves, the busy buzzing of the bees.

Behind the thunder and the rain. Who created everything?

It left no inkling of a doubt. God is what its all about!