Mind Control Brings Inner Peace


All true personal bliss,  success, distress and excess is the result of mind control. Let me say that one more time. All true personal bliss, success, distress and excess is the result of mind control! Who controls our minds?

My favorite book on mind control is “Think and Grow Rich” written by Napoleon Hill. It is in my opinion a must read. In one chapter he describes the energy and power behind an emotionally charged thought to a steel rod suspended and swinging in an empty dark room growing brighter until it is brillant red an inferno in the making.

Instantly I thought about rage, greed, lust, envy, pride and beyond. I remembered fevered pitches I had experienced personally and seen in others. Oh yes! Burning violently swinging suspended rods of fires were brilliantly infused in those memories.

Hill goes further explaining light and sound waves targeting the speed at which they travel. Comparing the speed and intensity of an emotionally intense thought traveling from a mind around the earth bouncing off mountains and buildings,  trees and rocks passing through one mind after another until at times they settle. Suddenly the person having the original thought finds it printed on a paper page or materialized on a shelf and wonders how it got there.

I read his book 20+ years ago and have pondered his proposals ever since concluding that suicide is the extreme end of that burning fiery thought rod unsuppressed and out of control. Obesity, alcoholism, adultery, and in fact all addictions are simply the result of personal lack of control. As a world not wanting to own up to our own faults and enjoying overindulgence we create illnesses and drugs to medicate them when all we need to do is simply take control.

We as individuals possess the ability to control our personal happiness, satisfaction and sanity. It is controlled by individual free choice. Rather than realize reality some choose to drink or eat or smoke or drug or sex or something other than accept and handle it.

As we overeat, over drink,  over smoke and over drug ourselves we kill ourselves slowly rather than choosing to control that which we can control…. ourselves. Every evil in the world is sparked by a single act of self indulgence and lack of self control.

We tell ourselves and others how hard it is to do the right thing. We program ourselves and our heirs for failure. From birth it should be programmed into all of us that right is easy, healthy, fruitful, prosperous, sane, whole and the only choice to make.

Our minds should look at mounds of taste bud tempting food and see calories, fat globules, diabetes, heart attack and such. If we look with lust at the neighbors naked mate sunning by the pool our minds should say, ” look away from disease and adultery and the results of an inappropriate action.”

Looking at alcohol and drugs instead of thinking escape we should see incarceration, mental institutions, hospitals and brain damage. We lie to ourselves and others. We tempt and give in to temptation and excuse each other for it.

As for me this day, this moment and for every moment in my future I choose to control my own mind, my life. I choose right and whatever is left will no longer influence me.