The Dangers Of Eating Foods Laced With GMO’s


A genetically modified organism (GMO) is defined as an organism manually introduced into plants and animals containing genes which deliberately change and modify its origin. Genes are simply DNA particles. What is known today as herbicide tolerant or “Roundup Ready” crops, especially alfalfa, corn, cotton, soy and sugar beets have been chemically engineered containing bacteria and certain viruses that will not die when sprayed with cancer and disease causing pesticides used to kill weeds. This allows growers the ease of spraying edible crops with pesticides so strong that under normal circumstances would kill everything weeds, crops and all.

Glyphosate is one of these toxic culprits. Glyphosate has been used as a pesticide since the 1970s. Glyphosate acid and several related Glyphosate salt compounds are registered pesticides used in products like Roundup.

Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a highly regarded Michigan Institute of Technology researcher, has published extensively regarding the dangers of Glyphosate. She has made it clear that this dangerous herbicide threatens the human microbiome. More recently she has called our attention to how readily glyphosate leads to the formation of cancer cells. Beyond her work, it’s very important to remember that the World Health Organization recently labeled Glyphosate as being “probably carcinogenic” in humans. (Direct Quote)

Another variety of GMO modification is known as “Pesticide Production.” In this process crops are injected with bacillus thuringiensis (BT) causing the injected crop to contain a substance that releases toxins into insects as they feed bringing their death by destroying their stomachs. Our grocery stores in 2018 are filled with GMO containing products. This means that as consumers we are ingesting undestroyable bacteria, viruses and stomach dissolving chemicals.

The scientists who formulated gene modification enabling salmon DNA to be injected into fruits & vegetables with the goal of creating varieties which could withstand colder weather conditions, had a great idea. However this led to experimentation that created faster growth in poultry and larger varieties of strawberries and other produce. This modification resulted in children’s bones growing faster than their designed intent, becoming hollow and easily broken and it didn’t stop there. In 2018 about 80% of processed foods sold to the American public is GMO altered. There are even wines genetically altered to reduce the effects of hangovers brought on by over indulgence.

At least 90% of the canola, cotton, corn, soy and sugar beets sold today in the United States come from seeds that have been genetically engineered. GMO’s were introduced in 1996. Since then chronic illnesses such as cancer have doubled in the nation’s populace. Non toxic issues such as food allergies, pregnancy & fetal abnormalities, digestive disorders and even the autism rate have increased drastically. The American Association of Emergency Medicine (AAEM) advises that protecting ourselves and our children from GMO’s is in order. Dr. Kevin Conners a renowned cancer specialist says “There is absolutely no safe level of GMO food.

There is a genuine concern that within a few years it will be a real issue to find vegetable seeds, roots, bulbs and fruit pits to plant that haven’t been genetically modified in some way. Today the issues caused by the use of GMO’s has forced certain fast food restaurants to create GMO free advertising. It is of vital importance to check labels. We must pay close attention to the foods we’re eating and the beverages we’re drinking. Look for GMO free.

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